The Fedel Clarke Ryte Fitness Classic is a premier IFBB Pro League sanctioned show under the Canadian Physique Alliance (CPA) that will be hosted on October 12th 2024 by promoters IFBB Pro Fedel Clarke and IFBB Bikini Kaila Wright.

This show marks the first show in CPA history (in 2018). This amazing show is open to competitors of all categories Nation-wide and has the reputation of being a high caliber show giving all athletes the opportunity to showcase their hard work on one of the most prestigious stages in Canada at the Meadowvale Theatre.

This show takes great pride in hosting high standard physiques and providing an unmatched competing experience to all athletes. Being a show of excellence, this show the most anticipated National Qualifier and is perfect for those looking to start their journey towards becoming an IFBB Pro.

If you want to be a part of one of the most historical CPA shows in Canada, look no further, you've found it!

About IFBB Pro Fedel Clarke

Fedel Clarke was born and raised in Jamaica until the age of 11 years old, and discovered his passion for weight lifting and bodybuilding at a young age and that passion continues to today.

Having an overall love for sports, the one sport that struck his heart above the rest was football. Fedel played this sport competitively and at a high professional level. Being an athlete at this competitive level required Fedel to follow an intense weight-training regimen and this level of intensity in weight training resurrected his passion for bodybuilding. Fedel was successful in his bodybuilding competing career right from the start where he won first place and overall at his first three shows in the Men's Super Heavyweight Bodybuilding division. Following that, Fedel competed at the National level, where he placed top 3 in his class at every National show until he earned his IFBB Pro card in 2002. Fedel competed on multiple pro stages from 2004-2015, where he left his footprint on the stage, competed alongside some the best bodybuilders globally, and forged many great relationships.

Having an immense amount of competing experience, a passion for the sport, and extensive knowledge, Fedel became entrusted with the title of being a CPA regional judge, provincial judge, and a qualified video critique. This continued to give Fedel a comprehensive understanding of the sport and he was shortly honoured with becoming the first CPA (formerly named OPA) Ambassador of the sport in Canada. With Fedel's unwavering dedication to helping the athletes, he later narrowed his focus towards his posing business, Posing With The Pro, where he hosts posing seminars and provides unparalleled coaching services to athletes (Amateurs, Pros, and Olympians) and fitness celebrities worldwide helping his client's look and become their best and quickly he gained the reputation of being Canada's best posing coach.

Fedel's priority always has been and still is 'the athletes' and as such wanted to provide a show that gave back to the athletes and put them first. Promoting the Fedel Clarke Classic allowed him to fulfil this promise. Over time, Fedel partnered in business with IFBB bikini athlete Kaila Wright to co-promote the Fedel Clarke Ryte Fitness Classic, to expand his passion for giving back to the athletes and the CPA on a larger scale in bringing forth the best regional show in Canada!

About IFBB Bikini Kaila Wright

Kaila Wright always had and still has a very sport oriented background. At a very early age, she was exposed to the sport of basketball and played competitively at a high level.

After successfully graduating her studies in university in pursuit of law, she still continued to prioritize her passion in sports, however, this time it was in a different sport, weight lifting. After becoming educated in health in fitness and becoming more involved in it, her passion for it grew immensely and decided to compete in her first bodybuilding show. The journey towards her first show is where she first met Fedel, who became her posing coach, and she medalled in her show and was the first athlete to win the Spotlight Award (formerly known as the Podium Award) in the CPA for best posing, best stage presentation, and overall poise during her first show, among many different other medals and awards she collected at her first show.

Shortly after that, Kaila began receiving many different opportunities, from sponsorships and ambassadorships to doing photo-shoots for some of Canada's top gyms, clothing brands, websites, newsletters, and even multiple published magazines. Shortly after, Kaila continued to compete at many shows across the country and medalled successfully in all of her shows, while at the same time growing her coaching business, RYTE FITNESS, where she now coaches some of Canada's top athletes (ALL whom have medalled at their shows) and regular lifestyle clients with some of the most profound bodily transformations.

After mentoring her in the sport and watching her advance and elevate so quickly and witnessing her passion for the sport and helping other people, Fedel collaborated both his posing business and bodybuilding show with her. Now, they both promote Now, they both promote the Fedel Clarke Ryte Fitness Classic, sharing the same vision: to expand and to contribute to the overall growth of the sport and to provide a platform that allows fitness enthusiasts to reach their fitness goals and confidently tap into their full potential

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